【Movie】Roxyチーム・ムービー Episode 1

広告 five  

Roxyチーム・ムービー Roxy Refreshmentsから、最初のパート『Roxy Refreshments Episode 1 of 8: Helsinki, Finland』がアップ!

2010/11 Roxy Refreshments Episode 1 of 8: Helsinki, Finland


Last New Years Eve, Roxy teamrider, Erin Comstock, boarded a plane and sped into the New Year, crossing time zones and international datelines, and touching down in the frozen city of Helsinki, Finland to kick off her season of filming with a bang. In near round the clock darkness and below freezing temps, Erin had her most successful and fun trip to date. So to get fired up for winter, tap up the volume and press PLAY.