【Movie】Rip Curl Gum エピソード1

広告 five  

スノー・ウェアのブランドのRip Curlがチーム・ムービー『Gum』エピソード1をアップした!

Rip Curlのウェアは、日本でも馴染みがないが、ヨーロッパでは人気が高い。



No snow equals adventure. Quite simply the best way to sum up our season.After a snowless winter in Europe our thirst for freshies got us on the move and pushed us out of our homelands to the four corners of the world: the best thing that could ever happen to us!

From Japanese hot springs up in the high alpine to the wild and deep hills of the Great Canadian backcountry, there was a discovery to be made around every corner, every tree, every road pass.

For Janne and the two Victors, it was a first time ride down the mystic mountains of Japan. For Urska, Nate and Nils it was a first and unique experience while following JF into Canada’s immensity .And if you ask Wiley and Elias, they’ll be quick to remember an epic barbecue at sunset on the flanks of the Andes.