【Movie】Rip Curl 『Alive&Kickin』 エリアス・エルハーズ

Rip Curlチーム・ムービー『Alive&Kickin』から、最初のエリアス・エルハーズ(Elias Elhardt)のパートが公開!


Alive&Kickin’ Movie – Elias Elhardt Part from Rip Curl Europe on Vimeo.

Here’s the first video of the Rip Curl Alive&Kickin Movie. Winter’s at the door, it was time to release our parts!

We start with our german "wurst" Elias Elhardt, who spent his last winter between Austria and Canada to shoot with People films .

Follow us this winter, we’ll release a new part every 2 weeks

Enjoy and stay tuned !!!