【Movie】Paint It Gold by Tall Treez

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ジェイミー・アンダーソンが使用しているアパレル、Tall Treezからチーム・ムービー、『Paint It Gold』がアップされた。

Tall Treez – Paint it GOLD Full Snowboard Movie from Martin Rubio on Vimeo.

Our new Winter Collection is set to release this upcoming week before Christmas. Stay tuned on our website!


Tall Treez® Clothing Brand presents there 2nd film, Paint it GOLD.

Featuring the sliding abilities of:
Nick Poohachoff – Jamie Anderson – Sal Rubio – Billy Garcia – Ross Patton – Jordan Nield – Jake Devine – Jeff Harvey – Luke Mohr – & Tim Rechetniak.

Filmed in Lake Tahoe and New Zealand showcasing some new spots, heading back to some old ones, and just pure street, park, and backcountry shots from start to finish.

Filmed&Edited by
©paintedVISUALSMedia 2011
[email protected]

Titles by
Luis Rubio

Principal Cinematography by
Martin Rubio

Additional Filming by
Luis Rubio
Greg Saunders

Big thanks to ANTE for the big help with the music production. Please support your fellow artists.