【Movie】Must Be Nice デバン・ウォルッシュ

DC SNOWチームのムービー、Must Be Niceからデバン・ウォルッシュのフルパートが公開!

Devun Walsh Full Part From DC’s "Must Be Nice" from Snowboarder Magazine on Vimeo.

Devun Walsh has been doing what he does for so long that descriptors simply don’t do his riding justice. As one of the preeminent style icons in snowboarding history, Devun Walsh has produced some of the most memorable segments of all-time, and his latest offering from DC’s new release "Must Be nice" is no exception. Sit back and watch Walsh pick apart the off-pistes of Pemberton, boost of booters in Brandywine, and rule Rutherford like only Devun can. This part is heavy, so take a load off and enjoy the one and only Devun Walsh.