【Movie】IN GOOD FAITH by Lukas Lerperger

広告 five  

Lukas Lerperger氏の初作品、IN GOOD FAITHが公開!


IN GOOD FAITH // FULL from Lukas Lerperger on Vimeo.


this is my first no budget snowboard movie filmed in the winter of 2011/12 mostly around Austria and featuring all my dear friends. Haters start hating…

 Florian Galler
 Georg Obermeissner
 Sebi Müller
 Gerald Fuchs
 Georg Ischepp
 Florian Pötzl
 David Struber
 and more Friends

filmed, edited and produced
 by Lukas Lerperger

additional footage//
 Peter Rossner
 Rene Gallo
 Balint Hambalko
 Clemens Prankl
 Andraz Zan
 Georg Obermeissner
 Gerald Fuchs
 Kathrin Holzmann
 Florian Pötzl
 Rudi Janda
 Basti Köhler
 Blaz Tomazin
 Iztok Sumatic
 Joel Spori
 Sam Tuor