【Movie】Hate Hard最新作『The Local』

広告 five  

本邦初公開!バルト三国の一つリトアニア共和国出身のクルー、Hate Hardの最新作『The Local』が公開。

THE LOCAL from Paulius Morkunas on Vimeo.

Hate Hard presents their first movie. No sponsors, just best friends having fun and doing what they really love. Hope you appreciate it. Huuuge thanks to Laurynas Vilimas and everyone else who helped us. Thanks !


Featuring : Augustas Zakarevicius, Arturas Volkavicius, Aivaras Dambrauskas, Sarunas Dambrauskas, Marius Urbonavicius, Paulius Morkunas, Gytis Morkunas and more.

Supported by : Laurynas Vilimas, Takaya Life

Edit by : Karolis Zaleckas

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