【Movie】Commotion – The Movie

Cody Rosenthal と Nick Russell による新作ムービー『Commotion』がアップされた。




Here it is, Free to all. Thanks to everyone who made this movie possible; All the filmers, riders, and mainly all the sponsors.

Created and composed by Cody Rosenthal and Nick Russell.

Featuring: Keegan Valaika, Harrison Gordon, Chris Carr, Tyler Verigan, Jed Anderson, Jarad Hadi, Chris Grenier, Wyatt Stasinos, Jeff Kramer, Kyle Clancy, Kevin Jones, Rob Kingwell, Gabe Taylor, Nate Farrell, Ted Borland, Doran Laybourn, Colin Langlois, Louie Vito, Nick Russell, Kevin Pearce, Cody Rosenthal, Lane Knaack, Chris Brandshaw, Greg Bokencamp, Shayne Pospisil, Jeremy Thompson, Zach Siebert, Scott Blum, Danny Kass, Danny Davis, Scotty Lago, Jack Mitrani, Luke Mitrani, Bode Merrill, Tim Ronin, Mike Caruso, Scotty Arnold, Zak Hale, Brandon Phillips and all the homeys.

Snowrev, Suburban Blend, Sims Snowboards, Active, Gnarly Clothes, Mimi’s Cookie Bar, Injured Riders Foundation, Avalon 7, Frends, GnarJar, Masa, Willow, Dragon, and the Levitation Project.

Turn it up and Enjoy!