【Moive】Lipstick Productions エピソード2

広告 five  

ヨーロッパのガールズ・ライダーたちが集まったフィルム・クルーのLipstick Productionsから、エピソード2がアップされた。


Liptrip episode#2: ICELAND from Lipstick Productions on Vimeo.


The Liptrip episodes will follow us through the season and capture our trips. Ana Rumiha, Basa Stevulova, Urska Pribosic and our filmer Rene Gallo spent the entire January in Iceland. Unfortunately the weather is unpredictable in Iceland and the girls had to deal with mr. rain, brother wind and uncle ice a lot. Nevertheless they did some awesome stuff! Check it out!

featuring Ana Rumiha, Basa Stevulova & Urska Pribosic

filmed and edited by Rene Gallo

motion graphics by Sandra Kovacic

music: FM Belfast "Par Avion" (yes we love this band!)