【18禁動画】fuct shit/S T U C K – 2013

広告 five  

fuct shit冒頭シーンは、18禁動画です。

// fuct shit // from LD on Vimeo.

spare 45 min and some footy. eadc



S T U C K – 2013 from MitchAyers on Vimeo.

With no budget, no street snowboarding experience, a dire lack of skill and a thirst for cheap drinks and easy women, we decided to head to Quebec for 2 weeks in an attempt to hit some street rails. With the hope of Australian snowboarding resting on over-saturated, excessively slow-motioned park edits we came to the realization that people are pro for a reason. This unfortunately is all we have to offer to Australian Snowboarding in 2013…

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Intro shot on Minolta 401.

Intro – SALEM – ‘ Killer’
Beach House – ‘ Equal Mind ‘
Rick Ross – ‘ Box Chevy’
Sharon Van Etten – ‘Magic Chords ‘